Canadian Solar Solutions donates solar modules to the OrcaLab Whale Research Centre.


Canadian Solar Solutions donated CS6P-P 270 W high performance solar modules to power the world- renowned OrcaLab Whale Research Centre. Situated on a remote island off the British Columbia coast, near Alert Bay the OrcaLab has been researching dolphins for more than four decades. The founder of OrcaLab, Paul Spong has spearheaded global research which confirms orca “clans” have distinct, highly sophisticated dialects.

The solar system allows the off-grid research facility to cut gas generator use and fuel costs dramatically. It also increases battery performance and life, expands the range of underwater microphones and cameras, and improves amenities for researchers and visitors. Furthermore, the system was designed to perform with minimal maintenance for decades to come.

It’s great for the environment too. OrcaLab has reduced carbon emissions from its gas generators by 1.5 to 2 tonnes per year, which translates to fuel cost savings of up to $2,000 per year. Mr. Spong is thrilled to be meeting all power needs without a generator, and is looking forward to a future without oil.

All modules donated to the OrcaLab are Ontario-made photovoltaic modules manufactured in Guelph, Ontario by Canadian Solar, Canada’s largest manufacturing facility. Installation of the solar modules was carried out by Professor Steve Lapp, his St. Lawrence College Students, and Mr. Paul McKay.