Central Neurology Medical Facility Activates Canadian Solar Installation and Reduces Utility Costs by $478K Over System Life.


In June 2010, Suncoast Medical Clinic’s newly built Central Neurology facility began to reap the benefits of its new Canadian Solar installation on top of a Sunbelt carport. The installation consists of 216 of Canadian Solar’s high performance CS6P-P 230 W solar modules and is capable of generating 64,584 kilowatt hours in the first year of operation or 1,420,848 kilowatt hours over the 25 year life of the system. It will power about 20% of the facility’s electricity needs, a significant portion considering the substantial power required to run the lighting and medical devices within the facility. The electricity generated by this clean, renewable energy source will save 48 tons of CO2 from being emitted per year, which is equal to the amount 242 trees would sequester in that time.

ProSolar America was the developer and integrator for this installation. ProSolar America is now one of the largest installers in the state of Florida and is expanding into the Phoenix territory. The company reports that after state rebates and federal tax credits, Central Neurology can expect a payback period of less than 5 years, and the payback over 10 years is around $1100 per month. According to projections, Central Neurology can expect an estimated $478,800 in total energy savings over 25 years.

The Canadian Solar CS6P-P 230 W polycrystalline modules used in the installation have the highest PTC ratings among all 230W modules listed on the California Energy Commission website, which indicates that Canadian Solar modules deliver better performance in the field, assuring the greatest possible energy production and the fastest ROI.

“We chose Canadian Solar’s CS6P-P 230 W modules for their performance, reliability, and value. Our clients have been impressed with their excellent performance warranty,” said Peter Rosen, CEO ProSolar America.