Canadian Solar Modules Power One of the Most Exclusive Spas in Kosovo


What used to be stone land, is now a solar plant at an altitude of ­535-540m in the Balkans. Over 1600 CS6P-P modules are now producing energy for Onix SPA, one of the most exclusive spas in Kosovo, as a result of the collaboration between Canadian Solar and Centrus TIM. 

What makes this project unique is the mounting technique. Built on a stone hill facing East-West, the solar holders are hold 8 panels in row downhill.

„Additionally we designed the tilt of the panel surface at 13 degrees (20th of April) and 28 degrees (middle of September). It will be changed twice a year, manually. For that feature we used a telescopic system for sub-construction with a total of 204 telescopic holders with 8 panels each“ said Marijan Ban, Project Manager Centrus TIM.

With an estimated annual output of 720 MWh at a solar radiation of 1400 kWh, the project was completed in five months and was connected to the grid in May 2016.