Valley ProSolar Installs 200 kW Canadian Solar PV System at Knight Transportation - saving $100 a day in utility costs.


Knight Transportation, a national trucking company known for their dependable service, has lowered their electricity costs and become a more environmentally friendly business with the installation of its new 200 kW Canadian Solar carport installation. The multi-functional renewable power generator also acts as a carport covering three parking structures at Knight’s Corporation Headquarters.

Constructed in March 2010, the photovoltaic installation provides electricity to the office building and Service Center. Composed of 1,116 Canadian Solar high performance CS5A 180 W monocrystalline modules, this installation generates 357,200 kilowatt-hours per year and avoids the emission of 268 tons of carbon into our environment.

Valley Pro Electric Solar, known for their commercial and residential projects, designed and installed the PV system. The structure is tilted 33.5 degrees to the south, the most optimal and efficient angle for the Canadian Solar modules to generate the maximum amount of electricity possible. Valley Pro Electric tested each module and grouped them together in strings, placing the most efficient modules the farthest from the inverters, thereby mitigating voltage drop. The company employs dual monitoring systems that report measurements every couple of seconds to ensure the system is working at peak capacity.

Canadian Solar’s CS5A-M 180 W solar modules used in this solar carport are top-rated in California Solar Initiative’s PTC performance ratings, delivering reliable maximum power output under real-world conditions for a faster return on your investment. The CS5A are also a lighter weight module for easier handling and installation.

“The performance of the Canadian Solar CS5A-180M modules has been outstanding. They outperform’s energy production calculation, and they supply energy at 9.7 cents per kWh, saving Knight $100/month,” said Mike Craig, CEO, Valley Pro Solar.