Canadian Solar supplies solar modules for Denmark’s largest PV system.


SRU Solar AG, based in the city of Berga in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, constructed this pioneering PV system. It was built on two roofs of an office complex located in Virum, in cooperation with Danish energy company, Greengo Energy. Connected to the public grid in January 2012 and with a total capacity of 605 kW, this is the largest PV installation of its kind in Denmark. It is part of Greengo Energy’s strategy to install PV systems on commercial roofs and to supply companies with solar power at prices below the market average. Canadian Solar supplied the rooftop project with 2,800 of its CS6P-P solar modules.

"To us, the successful completion of the PV project is a milestone for the development of the Danish PV market. The good cooperation with our partners and the high-performing and excellent quality of the components used, like the solar modules of Canadian Solar, were of paramount importance in this project", said Dr. Ing. Matthias Schönhard, member of the board at SRU Solar AG.


The project is a major step forward for the Danish PV market. Solar energy offers great potential for a cost-effective and reliable source of electricity, particularly in countries with a highly decentralized structure like Denmark with its many small islands.