Canadian Solar 1 MW Solar Farm Installed In Narni (TR) Italy.


SOLARTA is the first 1 MW photovoltaic farm realized with Canadian Solar modules by GE Progetti & 3i, a multidisciplinary engineering and EPC firm in Narni (TR), Italy. Using over 4000 Canadian Solar CS6P-P 230 W modules, this fixed ground mount system has an annual output of 1.18 MW. Located in close proximity to GE Progetti & 3i offices and installed on vacant land without the use of cement, SOLARTA is an important reference project for the company and promises minimal environmental impact. With significant experience in the field of renewable energies, GE Progetti & 3i is responsible for the technical consultation, design and installation of over 25 MW of photovoltaic systems since 2008. SOLARTA is one of many projects GE Progetti & 3i has built with Canadian Solar modules.

"We chose Canadian Solar because they are one of the best companies in the field. We are always satisfied with the quality of the CS6P modules and the sales team is dedicated to supporting us with each project," said Leonardo Pozzoli, Commercial Director of Renewable Energy for GE Progetti & 3i.

SOLARTA also makes a significant contribution to the environment by reducing harmful carbon dioxide (greenhouse) gas. It is estimated that over a period of 25 years, 20,000 tonnes of CO2 will be avoided thanks to SOLARTA.