Guelph Hydro installs its first Canadian Solar PV system on their commercial building in Guelph.


In 2011, the City of Guelph named Guelph Hydro Inc. as its primary developer and implementer of energy-related projects in support of the Guelph Community Energy Initiative. Guelph Hydro was the first organization in the community to install a roof-top solar renewable energy system under the Ontario Power Authority program with a 20-year Feed-in Tariff contract. The installation consists of 60 arrays of photovoltaic solar modules that were manufactured by Canadian Solar Solutions in Guelph, Ontario, Canada’s largest solar manufacturing facility. The project was commissioned and started generating 100 kilowatts of clean, renewable electricity for the Ontario grid in June 2011. The system is expected to generate approximately 115,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year which will result in annual income of about $82,000.

Guelph Hydro and its subsidiary company, Envida Community Energy Inc., have been working to develop sustainable energy projects within city-owned assets. This includes solar installations on municipal buildings as well as developing district energy and other clean power projects. Under the Community Energy Initiative, Guelph has set a goal of 1,000 solar roofs in the area. Within the Guelph community, there are many residents that have taken advantage of the OPA’s MicroFIT rooftop application program. Over 190 residential MicroFIT systems have been installed and connected and to the Ontario grid. Together they have generated over four million kilowatt hours of emission-free electricity.