Canadian Solar Constructed the 2000m Landscape Avenue Project for the Beijing Olympic Games Stadium in 2008.


The Landscape Avenue lies between Beijing Olympics Bird's Nest and the National Sports Center. It features 29 information columns for communication transmitting antennas, lighting and other electrical equipment. Canadian Solar installed solar power systems on top of each column. The project can generate 1.925 million kWp annually, effectively saving 750.8 tons of coal and offsetting 2750 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Our BIPV products have various advantages over standard solar modules, including improved aesthetics, direct integration into building structures and the ability to be used in a wider range of applications, including residential and commercial roofing and architectural glazing. We used our BIPV products and systems in our BIPV solar glass roofing system project in Luoyang and we supplied BIPV products and systems for facilities at the Beijing Olympic Games.