Canadian Solar’s PV Modules Selected for the Solar Installation - part of the $1.3 billion terminal modernization program for the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport.


The roof-mount photovoltaic (PV) solar electric system was installed on the airport’s new 3,350 m2, seven-story rental car center and public parking garage. Consisting of 4,680 Canadian Solar CS5P-M modules, the solar array spans 3.4 acres across the garage roof. It is the largest municipal solar array in San Jose to date and one of the largest airport solar electric installations in the United States. It will enable SJC to curtail the release of 1,284 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

The environmental impact of the system is the equivalent of removing 235 passenger vehicles from the road, or the amount of carbon that 6,422 trees would sequester annually. Featuring Canadian Solar’s high-performance solar modules, this new 1.12 MW installation is part of the SJC Terminal Area Improvement Program, a comprehensive $1.3 billion initiative to modernize and replace the airport’s terminal facilities. The installation has a projected annual output of 1,713,000 kWh, which is expected to provide enough power to offset at least 20 percent of the facility’s total electrical power needs.

The SJC solar electric system went alive in June 2010 when the airport opened its new Terminal B and rental car center for full-scale operations. The rental car center is a true pioneer among parking structures. In addition to its impressive solar energy system it features a unique stacked “quick-turn-around” facility that includes indoor fueling stations, carwash racks and a central rental car business center. The QTA facility allows SJC rental car companies to fuel and wash vehicles without leaving the garage, thus reducing cars from airport and community roadways, and reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

“San Jose is leading the way for sustainable design and operations of airports across the nation. We know that our community, airlines, tenants and passengers all want us to be the most costefficient and energy-efficient airport as possible, and this solar installation is a significant step toward achieving that goal” said Bill Sherry, SJC Director of Aviation.