Canadian Solar Donates Solar Modules to "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition" to help a deserving family in Georgia.


Canadian Solar donated high-performance CS6P-230W modules to a family in Georgia as part of the season finale of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". Atlantic Service & Supply installed the project on the roof of a modular home built for the Williams family in Pine Mountain, GA. The array generates about 8.4 MWh annually and will reduce the Williams family’s monthly energy bills as well as  their reliance on coal, which will eliminate 6.3 tons of carbon from the environment per year (the equivalent of planting 32 trees).

Any unused energy the system produces can be credited to the Williams’ electricity bill thanks to net metering in Georgia Power’s territory. Canadian Solar is proud to help the Williams family with a solar installation that assists in stabilizing their electricity costs in a proven market of continuously rising energy bills.  This has implications for all homeowners. Because The Department of Energy reports that by 2030, the nation’s energy consumption will grow about 30% and, over the next seven years, electricity prices are forecast to increase 50%. Photovoltaic installations offer homeowners immediate utility bill savings, predictable utility costs, and protection against future rising electricity costs while utilizing the world’s most abundant and clean source of energy – the Sun. 


It is also worth noting that the Canadian Solar CS6P-P 230 W modules used in the Williams’ photovoltaic system have the highest per watt PTC ratings among all polycrystalline modules in their category from manufacturers listed on the California Energy Commission website, which indicates that these modules produce more energy than competitors’ modules under real-world conditions.