Canadian Solar Powers Europe’s Largest Indoor Ski Hall with a 3.6 MW Solution.


The owners of the alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg were faced the challenge of significantly reducing energy costs for operating the building - which features 30,000 m² of ski slopes. They solved the problem by installing a rooftop solar system, which allows the facility to operate 365 days a year, using only the self-generated power. And it effectively makes the operators independent from both the public grid and EEG subsidies.

The PV rooftop installation on the alpincenter, Europe’s largest indoor skiing hall, features an impressive 3.6 MW array of Canadian Solar Modules. Operator of the winter sports center, the Dutch Van der Valk Group reaps a double benefit: the self-produced solar power significantly offsets energy costs and simultaneously reduces the power needed to run the cooling system thanks to the shadowing effect of the installation. 

"For a rooftop system of this scale, efficiency and quality of the modules are paramount. Particularly for the alpincenter Hamburg-Wittenburg, which wanted to completely cover their energy demand by the self-produced power, performance losses are not tolerable," said Dr. Christian Metje of Dr. Metje Consulting, the Hamburg-based company that designed and implemented the project.


The shadow the PV system produces on the roof results in a 50 percent lower surface temperature. This drastically reduces the load on the cooling technology, which keeps the indoor temperature at -1 degree Celsius throughout the year, translating into lower energy consumption. And the Canadian Solar CS6P-P modules used are well suited for commercial rooftop installations. They are among the top-ranked modules in the PV USA (PTC) ratings, which are quickly becoming universally accepted standards for measuring real-world module energy production and performance.