Church roof with solar modules from Canadian Solar.


In less than three weeks, Polish project developer RenSan Energy implemented a PV system with total performance of 37 kW on the roof of a catholic church in Skoczow-Pogorze in Upper Silesia. This makes the church a solar pioneer in the region and in the still young Polish solar market.

Solar energy supplies the building with electric heating, as well as lighting of the presbytery and adjoining buildings, including several chapels, conference rooms, 30 guest rooms and the canteen kitchen. The church also benefits from remuneration for the excess kilowatt-hours fed into the public grid.

"High expectations were given to this project due to its uniqueness. That is why we selected Canadian Solar’s polycrystalline CS6P-P modules. We were looking for high quality and outstanding performance, as well as proven reliability. The PV system has  performed well ever since installation and has completely fulfilled the expectations of the church" said Grzegorz Psiuk, project lead at RenSan Energy.


The solar PV system is a role model for the region and is the country’s first photovoltaic installation. The providers have received positive feedback from the church congregation, other priests in the region and also the bishop and local public servants. It is clear that the project has gained broad acceptance in the region.