Canadian Solar Modules Installed on a Rooftop in Slovenia Produce Clean Energy for the Grid.


Clean energy is being fed into the local power grid via a new rooftop PV system of Canadian Solar’s top-quality CS6P-P modules, in Varpolje, Slovenia. The design, permit, acquisition, material purchasing and development of this turn-key power plant, were all carried out by Solcell Ltd., a leading installer with a strong portfolio of small to mid-sized rooftop PV projects.

The installation of over 930 solar modules across various warehouse rooftops of an agriculture consortium was completed in one month and connected to the grid in June 2012. Thanks to consideration given to optimizing the efficiency of the installation during planning the entire system, which spans various buildings, is produces approximately 250 MWh of clean energy annually.

"Having already installed over 6 MW of Canadian Solar CS6P-P modules, we can proudly say that they have quickly become our product of choice for a variety of roof installations. With high value, performance and reliability they beat the competition, while their standard size and weight make them incredibly easy to install. We are proud to say that together with Canadian Solar we are producing clean energy for Slovenia" said Michele Redaelli, Chief Technology Officer of Solcell Ltd.


Initial performance data shows that the system is performing even better than expected; a clear indicator of product quality and professional system installation. In turn, the project investor has been able to secure a favorable feed-in tariff of 0,26 EUR/kWh for 15 years, allowing a return of investment in as little as 6.5 years