Canadian Solar CS6P-P Modules Power Slovenian Water Resort, Terme Čatež.


Canadian Solar’s high performance CS6P-P modules generate clean energy with an 800 kW rooftop installation at Terme Čatež, a family friendly thermal water paradise and resort offering relaxation 365 days a year. The design and installation of the PV systems were completed by Metronik Solar, an experienced installer with a strong portfolio of solar projects. Over 3,350 Canadian Solar modules were installed in two phases and, since being connected, the facility has benefitted from increased energy independence and reduced CO2 emissions.

"Terme Čatež follows global tourism trends and investing in solar energy is attractive to ever increasing numbers of environmentally aware tourists. And Canadian Solar CS6P-P modules were certainly the right choice for this system. Their  optimal performance and reliability guarantee a competitive rate of return for the customer, as well as clean energy for years to come" said Benjamin Čokan, Director of Metronik Solar D.O.O.


The modules are performing even better than initially expected and the system produces a minimum of about 860,000 kWh of clean electricity annually - meeting 8% of total demand at Terme Čatež. The CS6P-P modules are particularly well-suited to commercial rooftop installations and are among the top-ranked in the industry in PV USA (PTC) ratings, which are quickly becoming universally accepted standards for measuring real-world module energy production and performance.