Canadian Solar and GE Progetti & 3i Build a 500 kWp Photovoltaic Rooftop System in Umbria.


Canadian Solar modules were used to complete a totally integrated 500 kWp system on the roofs of two warehouses in Umbria. The system was developed by GE Progetti & 3i, who specialize in designing and building renewable energy plants. Their expertise spans PV plants and wind farms, as well as biomass and cogeneration systems.

The 500 kWp rooftop system is comprised of Canadian Solar CS6P-P 230 Watt modules and this guarantees annual output of 600,000 kWh, thus offsetting the production of more than 460 tons of carbon dioxide every year. As it happens, the two newly converted solar energy buildings are located just a few meters away from the head offices of GE Progetti & 3i, thus increasing the great visibility for PV solutions in the area.

"Canadian Solar’s high-performance modules helped us get the best possible return on our investment with San Pellegrino, both in terms of efficiency and in terms of energy production", said Valentina Giovannini, Head of Technical Operations at GE Progetti & 3i.



The two buildings are currently being used as warehouses, and will soon be converted to house another renewable energy source. The addition of a biomass cogeneration system will make it possible to produce not only electrical energy but also to recuperate the heat generated to convert it into thermal energy.