CUBIERTA SOLAR Alhama de Murcia Produces 2,75 MW of Clean Energy with Canadian Solar Modules.


Canadian Solar MaxPower CS6X modules power the 2,75 MW CUBIERTA SOLAR rooftop installation located in Alhama de Murcia, Spain. The fully-integrated, south-facing system uses Canadian Solar’s high efficiency MaxPower CS6X modules, a preferred option for utility-scale installations due to their large, 72-cell format.

The Alhama de Murcia project features the first CUBIERTA SOLAR sustainable industrial buildings developed by Spanish retail and real estate company, GET. The sustainable buildings combine the functionality of a large industrial warehouse with the maximum optimization of a solar roof installation, making it an attractive solution for clientele who desire a powerful source of clean energy that reduces CO2 emissions for their business operations.

"The MaxPower modules, designed with a larger surface, maximize the use of the pitched roof for the production of photovoltaic solar energy, ensuring our buildings are not only functional but profitable. Canadian Solar’s quality, cost and product warranty met our project requirements, laying the foundation for a solid partnership on which to build an attractive portfolio of buildings for our clients,' said Luis Navarro Buciega, CEO of GET.