A Canadian Solar investment, this 30.26 MWp commercial project was constructed by Suzhou Gaochuangte Energy.


This 30.26 MWp project was constructed with 125,000 Canadian Solar CS6P-P and CS6P-M PV modules. It spans 123 rooftops in Suzhou New High Tech Park and the Wujiang district, and is equivalent to 67 standard football fields in area. The installation will generate enough clean energy (about 32356.6 MWh) to offset approximately 28000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. The facility is also grid-connected, so any excess energy can be fed back into the National Electricity Grid for use where it is needed.

The project also obtained 165 million Yuan as a new energy subsidy form the National Golden Sun demonstration program. It is anticipated that total investment will be recouped at anywhere from 6.4 years to 9.5 years.

This is Canadian Solar’s largest commercial PV project roll-out to date, globally, and emphasizes our unique position to provide our customers with total turn-key solar solutions that reduce the complexities and costs of solar system installation. Our extensive international experience with large-scale rooftop installations and our capabilities in obtaining the required permits provides optimized and cost-effective engineering, procurement and construction, as well as operation & maintenance services.