R & A Tweedy Wheat Farm 8 kW PV System using Canadian Solar's CS6P-P panels


The PV Panels were installed on the R & A Tweedy Wheat Farm. Universe Solar developed the system which includes Canadian Solar’s 250 Wp poly-c Si Panels. 

Universe Solar is a national leader in clean energy services and a tier 1 provider of energy management solutions with an award winning industry reputation for not compromising on performance, quality and reliability. Universe Solar has been installing Canadian Solar power systems on residential, domestic and commercial applications throughout regional QLD and country NSW since 2010. 

"Fantastic products, service and installation process with no problems from start to finish", the project owner said.

R & A Tweedy Wheat Farm also benefits from this project in areas beyond reduced impact on the environment.The system will generate enough clean energy around 10.3 MWh to offset approximately 10.4 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.