Maple 3 solar energy system is a multi-functional device which can be used as a regular light at home or for camping, as a SOS signal in emergency, a mobile power bank for consumer electronics, such as phones, PAD, MP3 etc…. Maple 3 can also power 5 V DC electronic devices. Maple 3 is a very economical solution for people in areas with no access to electricity. It is also a very convenient lighting/charging solution for people who love to spend time in nature, such as camping, hiking and etc... electronic devices.

    Power: 3 W
    Size: 182 * 156 * 82 mm
    Weight: 0.568 (CSFD-3-C2) / 0.5 (CSFD-3-C1) kg

    Product features

    4400 mAh lithium battery capacity4400 mAh lithium battery capacity
    Real-time battery volume indicatorReal-time battery volume indicator
    System life time up to 5 yearsSystem life time up to 5 years
    BMS to protect batteryBMS to protect battery


    FCC (USA)