KTL-GS-E Series (UL) 125 kW

Canadian Solar‘s grid support utility interactive, transformerless string inverters now include 1500Vdc models to accommodate large commercial, industrial and utility scale applications. An NRTL approved, cost-effective alternative to central inverters, these inverters are modular design building blocks that provide high yield and enable significant BoS cost savings. They provide up to 99.1% conversion efficiency, and a wide operating range for maximum energy harvest. 

    Power: 125 kW
    Size: 46.3 X 28.1 X 12.4 in / 1176 X 713.5 X 315 mm
    Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)

    Product features

    Max efficiency 99.1%, CEC efficiency 98.6%

    High DC/AC ratio compatibility

    Integrated 20 input DC combiner

    PID mitigation capability