Canadian Solar´s Partner INGAETA Inaugurates Setia Solar Park - Set to generate enough power to run 1,200 homes.


Canadian Solar contributed in completing the Setia Solar Park, designed and built by partner company INGAETA, who have been operating for over twenty years in the industrial plant sector. Setia Solar Par ia a 2.5 MW project in Sezze Romano, near the Italian city of Latina, south of Rome. The photovoltaic project covers a surface area of 48,500 sqm and guarantees average annual production of 3.4 million kWh, enough to power around 1,200 homes. With its installation of Canadian Solar CS6A-P 180-185 modules, Setia Solar Park will save no less than 2,400 tons of carbon dioxide per year. In addition, there are only two distribution transformers on the site, so its impact on the local landscape is minimal, thus helping to maintain the integrity of the surrounding Pontine marshes.

"Canadian Solar helped us to achieve the best production figures and the highest efficiency in investment terms, with considerable savings on costs", said Marco Gaeta, Direttore Commerciale di INGAETA.


Each of the 44 sections of Setia Solar Park will be monitored individually, at a local level as well as remotely, using a system developed by INGAETA themselves. In addition to its sheer size, Setia Solar Park stands out in terms of the innovative security features installed to protect the photovoltaic modules against theft. As well as traditional protection devices, such as anti-theft screws, each module is individually protected by a fibre-optic system which, at even the slightest attempt to remove it, sets off an alarm.