Xinyi Solar Energy invested 148 million USD into the construction of Wuhu Sanshan 100 MW solar project.


This 100 MW solar project is located in Eqiao town, Sanshan area, with a total land area of about 2500 acres. It was realized with a total investment amount of about 148 million USD to be included in the Anhui Province "861" project library, as one of the key construction projects in Anhui Province. Canadian Solar supplied 10 MW new Dymond CS6P-P-PG modules for the 100 MW project.

Canadian Solar's Dymond module is a double-glass PID-free module with triple anti-PID technologies. By replacing backsheet with heat strengthened glass, it has less power degradation and is more reliable. The Dymond module can be widely used in seaside, agriculture farm and places of high temperature and high humidity.  

The project is expected to produce up to 110 million kWh, saving 32,000 tons of standard coal annually. The solar project is very important to optimize the local energy structures and establish renewable energy models in the region. The project was launched April 2014 and connected to the grid in October 2014, two months earlier than the planned date.