Sunrise Potato Solar Project is One of the First and Largest Projects in the Ontario Region to Install Solar Modules.


Sunrise Potatoes, a grower and supplier of potatoes for chips, is actively engaged in the organic production and restoration of farmlands. Its 250 kW Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) project is part of its strategy to be environmentally responsible and sustainable. It’s also one of the first and largest projects installed in Alliston, Ontario.

The solar system was completed and connected in July of 2011. And Sunrise signed a 20-year contract with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) for the 23,000 sq. foot building on which the installation is housed . The farm will generate over 342,000 KW of electricity annually, which will be sold back to the grid but, coincidentally is almost the same amount used by Sunrise Potato Farm.

Constructed by EthoSolar Inc., a solar PV installer based in Barrie Ontario, the roof-mounted system features 1,378 CS6P-P 220 W Canadian Solar Ontario-made PV modules. At current rates it is estimated that the 250-kilowatt array will generate approximately $230,000 annually for the farm. Expected return on investment is projected at six to seven years.

EthoSolar Inc. designs and installs solar projects from Windsor to Ottawa. They are known for their commitment to clients’ satisfaction and high-performance system designs. Their highly qualified team puts a high priority on helping clients achieve energy diversification and a good return on investment. Canadian Solar’s unique practice of rating their panel’s power output only after pre-exposure to light, gives an expected output of about 4% greater than most competitors. This demonstrates Canadian Solar’s commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations.