1 MW Solar-diesel System for Alpine Knits in India.


Indian engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services provider, Chemtrols Solar Pty. Ltd, has completed a 1 MW photovoltaic-diesel hybrid solar system in Tamil Nadu for Alpine Knits (India) Pty. Ltd.

The EPC company said in a statement on Tuesday that the facility, which was hooked up to the grid at the end of March, would be able to cover as much as 65% of the Alpine Knits Tirupur spinning mill’s power needs during power cuts. The rooftop system uses modules from Canadian Solar, inverters from German SMA Solar and power equipment from Swiss ABB.

Chemtrols explained that the textile industry in the state of Tamil Nadu is seriously affected by power shortages. And solar power systems combined with diesel generators are a solution. Together, they bring down the total costs of running the spinning mills by nearly a third.