A bridge to energy independence for steel bridge constructor: ASG Engineering GmbH and Canadian Solar construct a large-scale project on the roof of Stahlbau.


Dessau GmbH & Co. KG in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany ASG Engineering GmbH and Canadian Solar installed a solar power system with a nominal output of 984 kW on the roof of a steel construction facility in Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The large-scale project generates an average of one million kilowatt-hours of photovoltaic energy. As an expert in the field of steel bridge construction, the company is working towards a future of energy independence, as its own heavy manufacturing consumes a large quantity of energy annually. It took around four months to complete work on installing the system and it was put into operation in June 2011.

Utilizing Canadian Solar’s high-performance CS6P-P modules, ASG Engineering GmbH carried out planning and development tasks for the project in close cooperation with the Canadian solar company.

"We have found a reliable partner in Canadian Solar, who meets high quality standards and reacts to the needs of the customer in a swift and capable fashion. The guarantees and warranties provided go beyond the industry average and therefore represent a solid basis for a long-term investment decision," said Jan Wecke, General Manager of ASG Engineering GmbH.


By installing photovoltaic modules on the roof of one of the four production halls, Stahlbau Dessau GmbH is undergoing a transition to cleaner energy. The company hopes to enjoy a rapid return on investment with the solar power system and aims to be able to cover its own energy requirements with the electricity produced by this system in the long term.